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Celebration Ostomy Support Belt

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The Celebration Ostomy Support Belt is an elegantly simple design.

*The Celebration Belt is made up of four parts.

*The belt itself is made of a soft Tricot material backing and a Velfoam face material that are sewn to form a pocket to hold the "Hernia Plate". The hole through which your pouch is pulled is surrounded by three "Button Holes" that fit the tabs of the "Stoma Shield". The Open Weave Elastic is sewn to the belt body. All these materials are LATEX FREE.

*The Hernia plate works to prevent leaking and give your hernia support. The Hernia plate is made of a soft plastic and
 manufactured to fit in the pocket of the belt body.

It is made with the proper opening for the 2 3/8" or 2 3/4" opening belts.
The Stoma Shield is die cut from a strong plastic material and folded to fit into the "Button Holes" over the opening of the belt. When in place it will allow proper flow into your pouch while preventing irritation or trauma to your stoma
from seat belts or work place or sports activities.

* The adjustable pocket below the body of the
belt holds your pouch so that your pouch does
not sway as you move, and holds  the weight of the pouch as it fills. This prevents any pulling effect on your wafer and also prevents leaks.

The combination of all of these features makes the Celebration Ostomy Support Belt completely unique and superior to any other belt.

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