At Torbot, we believe that understanding your condition and the changes that your body is going through is an important part of coping with your condition and that knowledge is the best aid to daily living.

In this section you will find facts and statistics regarding ostomies and diabetes, helpful definitions and some tips for dealing with these conditions. Learn how to deal with sensitive topics, how to talk to friends and family and answer any questions they might have regarding diabetes or ostomies, and the many options that you have when it comes to product choices, such as pouching systems and accessories to aid you in your day to day life. Items such as Skin Tac Wipes and Tac Away are helpful for both diabetics and ostomates by providing secure adhesion and effortless adhesive removal for pouches and pumps alike.

As always, you can ask a question directly to our knowledgeable staff or simply discuss any concerns that you may have regarding your condition with our nurse.  

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